Hi Careline Team!  September 2020

Careline continues to develop and advance each month and we are pleased to announce a new partner advertising Careline via their unique call number  – Brave Enough 1800BRAVEU or 1800 272 838.

Brave Enough are resource rich and we look forward to a long partnership together. We will develop an internal information page volunteers can use to access Brave Enough resources and enable us to lead callers to appropriate resources that will be informative and helpful for them.

I will provide an update on our progress on September 7th and would encourage you to join our PD.

Grant applications continue to progress and our donations page is now up and running https://carelineconnections.org.au/donate/ I will be focussing my energies on encouraging donations and philanthropy over the coming months. We are looking to do something different to accommodate this and further announcements will be forthcoming.

If you know someone willing to setup a monthly donation of $50 or so to assist Careline, please encourage them to do so. Our system is well setup for a receipt to be sent for tax deductibility purposes and each donation is valued in the important work we do in Gods Kingdom, reaching out to anyone who calls us with a Caring ear, Loving heart, Bible verse and prayer as well as useful referral where appropriate.

Keep up the great work volunteers I note especially the significantly higher answered call rate and look forward to accessing more detailed information over coming months regarding callers and their locations. Interestingly, the initial data has shown regular callers are still with us and more work needs to be done in this area. I think asking regular callers to limit their calls somewhat (once identified) to perhaps twice per week is appropriate and we will consider how best to achieve this.

Congratulations to Nina and John Pamflett for the wonderful work they have done in setting up Deputy, our new rostering system! Isn’t it already great to be enabled in the new ways Deputy allows to engage more practically in managing our shifts

Thank you again for your dedication, input and patience on this journey to ensuring the foundations and core values of Careline are maintained and strengthened for the future.  

We hope and pray you have been sustained at this time yourselves.

We are still looking for existing volunteers to make themselves available for a first ‘buddy shift’ with volunteers. This would entail showing how to use handset, having materials on-hand (volunteer handbook, Trauma, Call process etc) volunteer login and entry of callers onto website, as well as casual discussion of how to manage certain call types and perhaps some of your experiences whilst serving on Careline. If you are able to either – have a volunteer join your current shift and observe/ take calls under your supervision – or – visit a new volunteer in their home and assist, observe and discuss being a Careline volunteer while they do their first shift, please email Andrew manager@carelineconnections.org.au Our new volunteers that will need a first buddy shift.

We also have a face book group. Join it