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Become a Careline Team Volunteer

Careline Team members are willing listeners, able to pray for others and share the hope & love they have in Jesus with those who are interested to find out more.

While Careline Team members display some of the same skills as counselors, we are not a qualified counselling service. We provide all the training free of charge through our Online Training Course, as well as one-on-one Mentoring and quarterly training sessions to continually upskill our volunteers.

The Careline Team Crisis & Prayer support line receives over 30,000 calls in a year Australia-wide from people wanting to have a confidential chat and to receive prayer about something that they are facing in life. If you would like to be part of this Amazing ministry, praying and sharing the love & hope of Jesus with our caller, Please fill out your details.


Training is initially completed online and prepares team members for every aspect of The Careline Team. The final stage of training involves scenario practice, which is conducted over the phone. So wherever you live in Australia, it is possible to become a part of The Careline Team.

“I thought the Careline online training was excellent and very easy to follow. The course was very informative and gave me all the information I required to gain an understanding of what the Careline was about and what was expected of me as a Careline volunteer.” Careline Team member

Following the completion of the training, The Careline Team requires a 6 month commitment to joining the team. In the first 3 months, fortnightly debriefing appointments are scheduled. Following this, the requirement of all team members is a monthly debriefing appointment, which can be conducted over the phone.

Careline Team volunteers meet together quarterly for on-going training & development, meet other team mates and celebrate all that God has accomplished through those who have been serving him and seeking him through the year.

Where do volunteers work from?

Volunteers have the option to work from home or from a Call Centre. Locations and timings of shifts are varied and flexible. So if you’ve got a small amount of time to give, or a lot, need to work from home or can travel, there are options available for you to be a part of the team.

Application Process

You must be over the age of 25 to apply for The Careline Team.

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining the team. Fill in your expression of interest online and we will give you a call back to send you an application form and pastoral reference form. Once your forms are completed and returned to us, we can let you know the next steps to joining the team.

Find out what Careline Team members have said about being involved…

We have asked some of our volunteers to reflect on what it has meant for them to be a part of The Careline Team.

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