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Considering church?

If you’re looking for a local church, maybe you’ve asked yourself one of the following questions…

Why should I go to church?

An essential part in getting to know God better is being connected to a church community. None of us should live life alone, and it’s the same with the Christian life. God wants us to be in fellowship with other believers.

What do I do in order to find a church?

Finding a church is not as complicated as you may have originally thought. Churches are filled with people just like you and I. However when it comes to choosing a church, there are so many different denominations that at times it can be confusing to choose a church. Our advice is:

1. Pray about the right church for you to attend and ask God to guide you

2. Search for a church on the church finder above

3. Visit or Call up churches found in your area and find whats best for you

What happens if I leave a message and no one calls me back?

Don’t feel discouraged, just continue looking. Often churches that don’t follow up on a message may not be the best place to go.

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