Who we are

Careline Connections is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee provided as a community service to listeners of Christian media across Australia. Our Christian volunteers are trained to provide a listening ear and avenue for prayer and encouragement across the numerous life journeys callers can bring to Careline.

Careline is not a qualified Counseling service, however we do provide direct referral services to a range of Christian and secular support services. This includes referrals to support services, counselling, family and relationship support; financial support, referrals to suitable churches in a caller’s local area and other support services. Careline is backed by Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) https://ccaa.net.au/ and by a number of churches.

Our motto: is Care, Listen, Refer, Pray. We will offer Bible readings where suitable to the caller’s situation for their encouragement and edification.

Careline Connections is a non-denominational Christian service open to all who may be seeking prayer or simply someone to talk to who has a listening ear.


Careline provides a confidential service to a caller in need for a listening ear or a prayer. The Careline volunteer can refer the client to a counselling service that is appropriate to the client’s needs and another help service such as lifeline if necessary.

How we operate

Careline is a volunteer organisation in support of many Christian media partners to assist their listeners when they need someone to talk to or pray with. Our volunteers are scheduled to be available on a regular basis to answer calls from any caller around the country.

We function under a confidentiality agreement, with only the information that is needed for the call on the day.

We listen but do not offer advice to the caller. We may refer the caller to an appropriate resource, such as a counselling organisation if necessary.

If the caller requests a prayer, we can pray according to the needs.

If the caller needs community connections, such as a church connection, we can offer that to them to investigate.

Careline Board Members

John Capper


John Mark Capper has taught theology and ministry since 1989.  An ordained Anglican, John is married to Wendy. They have four daughters. John’s research and teaching have included online education, the nature of God’s joy, the Book of Lamentations (and suffering and hope more generally), and the thought and writings of Karl Barth, Julian of Norwich and both John and Charles Wesley.  John is active in higher education and not for profit governance.  He joined the Careline Board in 2020 and became its chair in 2023.

Ian Richardson

Ian brings to the Board a depth, and variety, of leadership experience spanning many years. He is a pioneer, pastor, educator, author, counsellor, and coach, beginning his professional journey as a Civil Engineer, ending as a counsellor and coach. Retiring in 2016, Ian continues providing professional supervision to a number of Counsellors, Chaplains and Pastors, with a passion to encourage, equip and motivate individuals, churches and organizations. Married to Helene since 1971, they have five children, seven grandchildren and often find themselves “doggy-sitting” as well as trying to avoid being beaten at chess by an eight-year-old wizz!

Chris Brown


Chris comes to the Careline Board with an odd mixture of experience in accounting, pastoral ministry and professional counselling, the  latter being for the last 38 years. Chris also loves philosophy which he has attempted to integrate into his pastoral and psychological work and life. Movement is reality, as the philosopher Henri Bergson said, and Chris honours this by keeping very active including competing in athletics and training others in the art of running. He manages to keep up with his wife Coby and two daughters but the two grandchildren are proving to be increasingly problematic.

Andrew Schram

General Manager

Andrew worked in Industrial manufacturing for 35 years until the manufacturing changes sweeping Melbourne in 2013 finally caught up with him and he decided it was time to look for an arena to work in that would suit my natural skill-set and hence I entered the World of Counselling! His life experiences have also placed him in a strong position as a Counsellor and GM of Careline.

Janelle Brooks

Janelle joined Careline in 2017 as a volunteer and became part of the MCC Careline team. Janelle became a team leader in September 2020, and has been managing her team expertly and with a minimum of fuss since then. Her knowledge of Careline and her work in other areas enables her to bring a high level of knowldge of Careline to the Board.


Elizabeth Young

Administration Co-ordinator

Elizabeth joined Careline Connections in 2019. 

She brings to Careline a wealth of administration experience through her work as an Executive Assistant in Finance companies including IFM Investors and KPMG.

Elizabeth is Minute Secretary for Careline and supports the Chair, Directors and General Manager as needed.

Elizabeth holds a Diploma of Counselling through AIFC (Australian Institute of Family Counselling) which she completed in 2022.